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Non-disclosure, Avoidance and the Forgotten Claim


Publication date:

05 January 2022

Last updated:

17 January 2022


Roger Flaxman, Michael Wilson

Are all misrepresentations the same?

Wednesday 26 January 2022 11:00 GMT

Book now for this important webinar, in our series in partnership with Flaxmans. 2022 sees Flaxmans launching its major campaign to effect changes in the way the insurance industry tackles issues of non-disclosure. 


Part 2 builds on the highly successful webinar, Non-Disclosure, Avoidance and the House on the Hill delivered back in November 2021.

It was clear from the hundreds of positive comments and praise received that there was a clear appetite to develop further this important subject. So in this webinar Flaxmans explores further the opportunities the insurance industry has to build on the protection for the Insured under The Insurance Act 2015 (TIA15). 

The Act codified existing market agreements that limited an insurer’s ability to avoid a claim because of a breach of condition or warranty where the breach was not causative of the loss. 

Our campaign with Flaxmans’ seeks to introduce a similar, but new market agreement that extends this principle to certain types of non-disclosure disputes.

Insurance practice will not change just because we say so – there needs to be a full and informed debate. The webinar will be followed up with invites to those who have participated in both webinars on the subject to discuss in forum questions, opinions and feedback as we develop further our approach to getting things changed. 

To register for this webinar, please use the following link:

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