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UK membership fees

Membership is open to anyone wholly or mainly employed or engaged in work connected with the insurance claims sector and starts from just £6.58 a month.

If you're based outside the UK see international membership fees.

Ordinary membership

This entry-level membership is for insurance practitioners who are studying for their first Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) qualification or who wish to enjoy the benefits of membership without committing to formal study.

Category Annual fee Monthly cost
Ordinary £80 £6.66

Membership for CII qualified practitioners

We offer a range of different levels of membership for practitioners holding CII qualifications. Each level entitles the member to use a designation highlighting their technical knowledge and commitment to professional development. In doing so, members must comply with the CII continuing professional development (CPD) member scheme.

It is a requirement of membership that members join at the level that equates to the highest CII qualification they hold.

Membership fees

Category Annual fee Monthly cost
Ordinary (Award)


Qualified (Certificate) £130 £10.83
Qualified (Diploma) £175 £14.58
Associate (Advanced Diploma) £185 £15.41
Fellow £205 £17.08
Chartered £230 £19.16

Fees shown are applicable from 01 January 2020 to 31 December 2020 (membership fees are reviewed each year with effect from 01 January).


  1. For new and reinstating members, a one-off admission fee of £37 is also payable.
  2. Joining the Insurance Institute of London adds £3 per year to the cost of membership.

Direct debit payment

The easiest way to pay your membership fee in the UK is by direct debit, especially as there is no additional charge for this. To set up a direct debit, please return the Direct Debit Mandate (PDF) or call Customer Service on 020 8989 8464.

Tax relief

Because the CII is a professional body approved by HMRC, and membership is relevant to the job you do, membership fees qualify for a tax deduction. This means that you can include it on your annual tax return as an allowable expense and it will reduce your final tax bill by a percentage of the fee. For example, if you are a higher rate tax payer your £176 Advanced Diploma membership fee will reduce your tax bill by 40% or £70.40 (plus any additional NHI reduction) so the net cost to you would be only £105.60.

Your employer will also be entitled to show this as an allowable expense if they pay your membership fee, but of course you cannot then claim the cost on your own tax return.

Support for members

Find out about the help our support schemes can provide when your circumstances change.