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Professional Focus: How to succeed without your inner critic


Publication date:

20 October 2020

Last updated:

20 October 2020


Professional Focus, Melissa Kidd

How to motivate yourself to perform at a higher level.

Many of us have an inner voice that is telling us we’re not enough – be that clever enough, successful enough, attractive enough. For some of us, it is so familiar that we believe it’s part of our very fabric and we wouldn’t achieve anything without it. As such, we rely on it to motivate us and drive us forward but that creates a huge amount of pressure and stress, which can actually erode our capacity to perform at our best. Failure is terrifying because we take that to mean something bad about our sense of self - our identity.  The thought-provoking sessions will introduce the idea that there are other ways to motivate yourself. This means you can enjoy your work more and can perform at an even higher level whilst reducing anxiety, stress and the risk of burnout.


Learning objectives:

By the end of session 1 participants will be able to:

  • Describe what an inner critic is
  • Recognise the three ways it manifests
  • Reflect on where it comes from and why we have it

View session 1 HERE


By the end of session 2 participants will be able to:

  • Apply a number of different ways to work with it so that over time you change your relationship with it
  • Recognise alternative helpful strategies to motivate yourself to perform at your peak

View session 2 HERE

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